Welcome to the Creamery! Watch me get creamed, over, and over again. Many pies and cakes, slime, and gunge, I get COMPLETELY covered, and I LOVE it!
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A Wacky, Sexy Video
The best thing about this video is that, even though it's "sfw" Creamy, you can tell how much of an erotic experience get covered in pie is for her. My favorite part of the video is the reaction when someone outside spots her.
-WAMOptimist93    12/13/21    
I don't know how Creamy does it!
ok. Do you like pie hits to the face? Well, this scene has very few of them. And you know what?

It doesn't matter one little bit.

Like, Creamy's repeated faceplants and giving herself (and her cleanliness) to a skilled domme... It. Just. Works.

Fantastic stuff, keep it up umd's favourite petite purple pie pixie!
-BlueMeanie    10/28/21    
One of the Most Erotic Videos in History
Absolutely one of the most outstanding mud videos (and videos in general) that I have ever purchased. Creamy gradually becomes one with the mud here, and it's one of the most primal, sensual experiences I've ever witnessed. You can tell she's not faking; she's truly getting off from doing this. It's pure ectasy. My review doesn't do the video justice.
-WAMOptimist93    10/7/21    
Mud wallowers of the world unite and take over
It's no surprise that a video with Creamy and Jessica in the mud is incredibly sexy. It's no surprise that they get completely covered and make out, I mean who wouldn't? It's no surprise that the video quality and lighting are excellent, and the audio is ASMR level of detailed. What is surprising is whoever was holding the camera didn't lose their minds and just jump into that tub as this scene was unfolding in front of them. That took some serious restraint!
-sauceboss    9/20/21    
Hot Exciting Thick Mud Pleasure
Hot Hot Hot. Creamy's first time in the mud is absolutely awesome. She a little timid at first but once she dips her bare bottom into the clay and starts rocking the mud. You can tell that she will be going all in. After she destroys her white outfit and removes the last item of clothing she is ready to go full on with a great buried face plant. Her excitement keeps building as she squirm and mounds the clay upon her body. She can't resist playing with herself and rubbing her pussy as her energy builds into the hottest mind blowing orgasm ever. The heavy breathing and sounds of the squishing clay all add to this excellent video. If you like to see beautiful women pleasuring themselves in thick deep mud then this ones for you.
-finflyer    6/5/21    
A real wammer joyously takes her body into heavy mud.
Authentic wam. If you are tired of expressionless models going through the motions, this is the answer. Creamy, who started out as a pie girl, makes her first adventure into big mud and she does not disappoint. She starts off slowly, cautiously, but once she gets her womanhood into the heavy clay she is like a steam engine building up to top speed. A+. Very good lighting and camera work.
-anymess    5/29/21    
Rub a dub mud, creamy in the tub
Chocolate and peanut butter. Beans and rice. Chicken and waffles. Some great things just go together so perfectly that it is hard to imagine them separately--Creamy and Mud are another such combination. I defy you to get through this movie without having to stop and blow off some steam at least once. It's a simple setup--Creamy gets in a tub of mud in some nice lingerie and gets herself off, but holy cow it is so sexy. Great video quality, sound, and perfect lighting.
-sauceboss    5/28/21    
Super Sexy Sloppy Solo Scene
It took me a while to review this because for some reason I only was able to watch it a few minutes at a time before getting... distracted. This is a great scene, Creamy looking cute af in pretty panties, a tight crop top and sexy heels that all get completely messy. She pies herself over and over and over again, while playing with herself and finally simultaneously cumming and pieing herself in the face. Shot with great lighting and two high definition cameras that show in great detail the texture of the cream on her skin and just how happy she is to be messy. Gives a fella that warm and fuzzy feeling, ya know?
-sauceboss    4/30/21    
Perfect shorts for a pie fight
What could possibly be sexier than Creamy's perfect ass in short-short-short frayed cutoff denim jeans? That same ass in those shorts smacked with a big whipped cream pie, that's what. This is a short but sweet video that makes me smile--and makes me want to do other things.
-sauceboss    4/29/21    
A must have for fans of gross sliming!
My review could be tainted by the fact that i have a thing for creammeagain but she took that gross slime like a champ!

It's a simple and short video but you get a fine lady getting playfully humiliated. It's kinda like a dare scenario and her reaction is amazing, grossed out but still smiling! For its price it should be in every savoury fan collection. The shower scene in the end is icing on the cake (thumbs up for the relish bit on her left nipple xd).

Thanks creammeagain for this scene, i hope to see more of this!
-44DaveF    9/11/20    
An office party worth attending
What a great scene! CreamMe is stunning in a sharp pencil skirt and top, and finds any excuse she can to make a complete sloppy mess of herself. That beautiful skirt gets ripped right off as she crawls onto the table and slithers around in the mess. She clearly loves every second of it-- CreamMe again and again.
-sauceboss    12/16/19    
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